Upcoming Breeding

Tato’s Rebel X Tato’s Rainbow

This litter is expected winter 2020

Tatos Rebel (ky/ky) Fawn Pied Fluffy male
Tatos Rainbow (ddbbatat Ee) Lilac and Tan carry cream

Rainbow is our tinny lilac and tan carry cream and Rebel is our handsome standard fluffy frenchie. This is a breeders breeding, a way for us to improve the fluffy french bulldog breed. All puppies will carry Blue, Chocolate, cream and the fluffy gene making them capable to producing Lilac and Tan Fluffy French Bulldogs!

We are currently starting to take reservations for this litter to breeders only at this time

Tato’s Lily X Capone

This litter is expected Winter 2020

Lilac & Tan Merle (ddbbatat Mm) Lilac and tan Merle
Tatos Lily (ddbbaya Ee) Lilac Fawn carry cream

This is a litter we are very exited about, especially since all puppies from Lily’s first litter are absolutely beautiful. For now we are keeping the very special stud we plan on using a secret until the litter is confirmed but we promise you he’s amazing! Reservation for this litter has now begun.
Contact us for availability

Tato’s Aikido & Tato’s Natty

This litter is expected winter 2020

Tatos Aikido (e/e) Standard Cream 
Tatos Natty (e/e) Standard Cream

Aikido is our Champion line Standard Cream stud muffin and Natty is our little cream princess, you are welcome to check out each of their pages under their individual tabs. This pairing had absolutely precious cream French Bulldogs their last two litters together.

We are now taking reservations for this litter. Contact us for availability.

Tato’s Olenna X Capone

This litter is expected winter 2020

Tatos Olenna (DdBBaya L/l M/m) Merle carry Fluffy!
Capone (ddbbatat) Lilac and tan

This is one of those breeders breeding’s. For this litter we are taking reservation for breeders only at this time until puppies are born. This litter is expected to produce; Blue merles, Blue and tan Merles, Blue fawns and Fawns

Tato’s Toph X ?

This litter is expected winter 2020

Toph – Standard Fluffy French Bulldog

Her sire is TBD

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!