Upcoming Breeding

Tato’s Dixie X El Camino

Litter Due 1/21/2023

Tatos Dixie (aya Mm lL4) Merle carry Fluffy
El Camino (dd coco Bb atat Ll) Lilac and Tan carry Testable and Fluffy

This is a very special and well awaited breeding for us. Dixie is our 4th generation little nugget that we cant wait to make some of our babies apart of our program. She is from our Robobull Akc champion lines that her structure and temperament match.  We paired Dixie with El Camino who we absolutely adore.

If you would like to get on the waitlist for this litter or have any questions shoot me a text.

Rudy 5613197718

Tatos Stormi & Ghost

Tatos Stormi litter is due 2/2/2023

Tatos Stormi (ddcocoayat ) Lilac fawn carry at
Prime Time (dd) Blue Pied

Stormi is daughters of our favorite looking girls Karma. We love Stormi’s short thick body with her fat wrinkly face. We paired her with Ghost who is 20lb pup from our Lulus blood line. We are expecting small compact blues French Bulldogs from this litter.

If you are interested in this breeding shoot me a text

Rudy 5613197718

Tatos Rollie & Tatos Marlee

Marlee is due 2/10/2023

Tatos Rollie (ddCOco ayay) Blue Cream
Tatos Marlee - Champion Line standard carries cream

Marlee is one of our Robobull AKC champion lined standards, She is also our aikido daughter. This time around we put her with our blue cream Rollie. Our goal is this breeding is to bring some more true to type French Bulldogs to the French Bulldog color world. We are expecting brindles and creams from this breeding. If you would like to see more photos of these two you can visit their tabs under our Girls and our Boys

If you would like to reserve a puppy shoot me a text.

561 319 7718 -Rudy

Tatos Polpetta X Sweet P Frenchies Rigatoni

Litter is Due 2/14/2023

Tatos Polpetta (ddcoco aa Ee Bb) Solid lilac fawn carry testable chocolate
Sweet P Frenchies Rigatoni (dd) Blue Fawn

Polpetta is our Lilys direct daughter and our Astons sister! P is such a looker and structurally everything we want in a French Bulldog. She was breed to our good friends Renee Stud Rigatoni! We are expecting some cute cute lilac and blue French Bulldog Puppies.

If you are interested on getting on the waitlist for this litter shoot me a text

5613197718 -Rudy

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Cannoli & Sweet P Frenchies Rigatoni

Litters Due 2/20/2023

Tatos Canolli (ddBb aya) Blue Fawn
Rigatoni (ddCOco ayay)

Canolli is our direct Karma daughter that has all of our favorite Karma attributes like her compact body and big wrinkly head. We bread her to Sweet P Frenchies Rigatoni to continue having some nice compact blue fawns.

If you interested in getting on this litters waitlist shoot me a text

5613197718 Rudy

Tatos Roxie & Tatos Rollie

Roxie is confirmed and due 2/20/2023

Tatos Roxie (DdCoco ayat ee) Cream Female
Tatos Rollie (dd ee) Blue Cream

Roxie is our Marlee daughter and we paired her with our Rollie to get a perfect little all cream litter.

If you would like to get on the waitlist for this litter shoot me a text.

561-319-7718 Rudy

Tatos Valkarie & Tatos Rollie

Valkyrie expected in Spring 2023

Rollie (ddCOco ayay ee) Blue Cream
Valkyrie (ddCOco aya Ee Mm) Blue Merle

Both Rollie and Valkyrie are 3rd generation production from here at Tatos Frenchies. If you want to know more about them visit their designated pages. We are expecting some absolutely gorgeous Blue Fawns, Solid blues and Solid Blue Merles from this litter.

This is a repeat breeding. We bread this pair together last year and they turned out some of the best puppies we have produced to date.

If you’re interested on getting on the waitlist for this litter shoot me a text.

561-319-7718 Rudy

Tatos Aurora

Auroras Fluffy litter is expected Spring 2023

 Tatos Aurora (DdCOco aa l4l4) Solid Black aa Fluffy (no Brindle)

Aurora will be having a Fluffy French Bulldog litter in spring 2023. If you would like to get on the waitlist for her litter shoot me a text.

561-319-7718 Rudy

One Love!