Upcoming Breeding

Polar Jr X Flame

This litter is born! 5/20/2021

Polar Jr (ddcocoatat ee ll) Fluffy lilac Platinum
Flame (DDCOcoaya Ll) Fawn Fluffy carrier

3 girls and 1 boy. Please check out available puppies. Prices will range from 25-50K for a full fluffy.

Text me for availability 5618064818 – Rudy

Tato’s Geppetto X Tatos Lulu

Summer 2021

Tatos Lulu (dd) Blue
Tatos Geppetto (DdCOcoaya Ee) Quad carrier.

This is one of the best in house breeding’s  we have ever put together. Their  heads are massive, backs are as short as you can go, huge ropes, wide chest, short legs, everything we strive for here at Tatos Frenchies. I know they look great in photos but they don’t do these dogs justice. This litter will be available to breeders only and will be a pretty penny.

We are now taking reservations. Please contact us for more details.

Tato’s Aikido X Tato’s Karma

Pair has been breed. Waiting confirmation

Tatos Karma (ddCOcoaya) Blue Fawn triple carrier

message for availability

Tatos Sophia & Mugsy

Pair has been breed. Waiting confirmation

Tatos Sophia (kyky) Red Fawn
Mugsy (ddCOcoaa) Solid "aa" blue (no brindle)

Our second Breeding of the season bringing together Sophia a Champion Line standard French bulldogs and Mugsy a super compact and impressive Non-Standard.  This breeding will produce Fawns that will carry blue, “a” and cocoa. If you are interesting in this breeding and would like to see more photos of Mugsy please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Rabbit & Goat (Fluffy Pair!)

Pair has been breed. Waiting confirmation

Tatos Rabbit (kyky) Standard Fluffy French Bulldog
G.O.A.T (ddcocoayat) Lilac Fawn Fluffy carry AT!

Rabbit is our very own home grown Fluffy Frenchie’s from one of the original Fluffy French Bulldog lines in the USA. G.O.A.T is very nice Lilac fawn carrying tri point that we are very exited to use and have puppies with. The reservation list has begun. These puppies will only be sold to breeding homes.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Natty & Thor

This pairing was breed  6/2/201

Tatos Natty (ee) Standard Cream
Thor (ee) Standard Cream

This is our Cream breeding for the summer. Below are some photos of Natty’s stunning last litter. Shoot me a text to get on the waitlist

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Daisy & Fluffy Calix

This pairing has been breed. Litter expected August 3rd 2021

Tatos Daisy (aya Ee Mm L4) Merle carrying Fluffy
Fluffy Calix (DdBbata Ee L4L4) Black and tan Fluffy carry cocoa, Blue and cream

Daisy is our Aikido daughter that is perfectly structured and by far the nicest L carrier or fluffy I have ever seen. Calix is a totally respectable Fluffy boy. We went with Calix to start the foundation of our Fluffy French Bulldog program because of his tight structure and weight being under 20lbs. Weight is an important metric we where taking account for with this breeding simply because all the other Fluffy French Bulldog we have seen are around the 30-40lbs. Contact us for availability.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Toph & Fluffy Calix

This pairing is planned for  summer 2021

Tatos Toph Standard Fluffy French Bulldog
Fluffy Calix (DdBbata Ee L4L4) Black and tan Fluffy that carries Blue, Cocoa and Cream

We will be breeding Toph to Calix. We also bread Calix to Daisy so you can read more about Calix in the post above. In this litter we are expecting Triple and Quad carrier Fluffy French Bulldogs. Contact us for availability.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Olenna & ?

This pairing is planned for  summer 2021

Tatos Olenna (Ddaya Mm Ll) Fawn Merle fluffy carrier 

Rudy 5618064818

Stay happy and Stay healthy my friends