Upcoming Breeding

Tato’s Dixie X El Camino

Dixie was breed 2/20/2022. Awaiting confimation

Tatos Dixie (aya Mm Ll) Standard Merle Fluffy carrier
EL Camino (ddcocoata Ee Bb Ll) Lilac and Tan Carry testable and Fluffy

This is a very special breeding for us. Dixie is a little girl that is way ahead of her time being a merle and carrying fluffy that has perfect structure. El Camino a gorgeous little boy that carrys testable and fluffy. Together we are hoping for a super healthy litter and a some of the best merle fluffies ever produced by far. This litter will be for breeders only.

please shoot me a text if youre interested in this litter and would like some more photos of El Camino

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Lulu & Bobby

Lulu was breed 3/5/2022. Waiting forĀ confirmation

Tatos Lulu (dd) Blue French Bulldog
Bobby (ddcocoatat Ee) Lilan and tan carry cream

This is a very exiting breeding for us. Our goal with this pairing is to introduce cocoa and tri into Lulus blood line. This litter is expected to have small compact blue pups that all will look similar to Lulu. If you’re interested in this litter shoot me a text!

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Sophia & Tatos Geppetto

Sophia is due in heat February 2022

Tatos Sophia (kyky) Standard Champion Line Red Fawn
Tatos Geppetto (DdCOco aya Ee) maskless quad carrier fawn

Sophia is our Champion lined red fawn and Geppetto is our handsome little fawn. These will be some great looking fawns and red fawns pups that will be produced with this litter. You can see both parents on their designated page on the this site!

We are now taking deposits and reservations now for this litter

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Nu Jedi & Tatos Marlee

Marlee and Jedi have been breed on 3/10/2022. Waiting confirmation

Tatos Lily X ?

Lily is due to be breed in April 2022

Tatos Lily (ddcoco aya Ee) Lilac Fawn carry cream and a

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Valkrie & Tatos Rollie

This pairing will be breed Spring 2022, Photos coming soon

We will be expecting Merles, Blues and Blue fawns from this litter! Photos of both pups coming soon

Tatos Aston & El Camino

This pairing will be breed Spring 2022.

With this litter we will be expecting Merle Isabella and tans carrying fluffy!! Photos coming soon

More updates coming soon!