Upcoming Breeding

Tato’s Rabbit X Goat (Fluffy pair)

Puppies available can be seen under Available Puppies

Tatos Rabbit (kyky) Standard Fluffy French Bulldog
G.O.A.T (ddcocoayat) Lilac Fawn Fluffy carry AT!

Rabbit is our very own home grown Fluffy Frenchie’s from one of the original Fluffy French Bulldog lines in the USA. G.O.A.T is very nice Lilac fawn carrying tri point that we are very exited to use and have puppies with. The reservation list has begun. These puppies will only be sold to breeding homes.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Toph & Calix

This litter is due 10/18/2021!!

Tatos Toph Standard Fluffy French Bulldog
Fluffy Calix (DdBbata Ee L4L4) Black and tan Fluffy that carries Blue, Cocoa and Cream

We will be breeding Toph to Calix. We also bread Calix to Daisy so you can read more about Calix in the post above. In this litter we are expecting Triple and Quad carrier Fluffy French Bulldogs. Contact us for availability.

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Marlee & Knox

Litter has been born! Check out “Available Puppies”.

Tatos Marlee (Ee) Standard Cream carrier
Knoxs (ddbbcoco atat) Isabella and tan
Marlee is our Robobull Akc Champion line Aikido daughter and Knoxs is a super handsome Isabella and Tan with some of the most gorgeous coloring I have ever seen on an Isabella and tan. We put this breeding together to get the Isabella lines more consistent with our standard French Bulldog lines. We will be getting all testable chocolate triple carriers with this litter. 

Rudy 5618064818

Tatos Geppetto X Tatos Hazel

This litter is due 10/10/2021!! 

Tatos Geppetto (DdCOcoaya Ee) Maskless Fawn quad carrier
Tatos Hazel (ddcocoayat) Lilac fawn triple carrier

Hazel is Tatos Lily’s full sister, you can see Lily’s page under the the Dams Tab.  Hazel like Lily is small, super short back with a super nice face. We paired her with Geppetto to create some more absolutely beautiful lilac and blue puppies to keep improving programs in the right direction.

Tatos Geppetto X Tatos Lily

This pairing has been breed. Waiting confirmation 

Tatos Geppetto (DdCOcoaya Ee) Maskless Fawn quad carrier
Tatos Lily (ddcocoaya Ee) Lilac fawn quad carrier

Lily is one of out best non standard females and we are super exited to be pairing her with our handsome Petto. We cant wait for the puppies that will be produced in this litter and how it will help develop our in the direction we have envisioned.

Stay safe and stay healthy!