Breeding Co-Owning Program

If you are interested in being apart of the Tatos Frenchies breeding Co-own program check out our requirements below.

What is our Breeding Co-Owning Program?

Our Breeding Co-Owning Program is where we partner up with other French Bulldog breeding programs with our breeding females and males.

Why do we offer our Breeding Co-Owning Program?

We have some dogs that are part of our program that took us 6 generations to produce. To produce that one dog, collectively it took 62 males and females from different gene pools to produce that 6th generation puppy. We would never be able to love and care for that many dogs in our home. We came up with this symbiotic idea to help us continue innovating and improving the breed, while allowing other breeding programs to be a part of something that took a decade to produce and can not be found anywhere else.

Some other benefits that come with being a part of the Co-Owning Program are:

  • acquiring firsthand experience on how we generally handle our breeding program,
  • learning how we handle each specific breeding, and breeding process. (our breeding process has had a 100% success rate)
  • choosing the right mate (how to complement attributes)
  • handling a pregnant female to guarantee her and the puppies’ health during and after birth,
  • calculating the perfect timing for the Dams C-section,
  • learning about our puppy whelping strategy and proper nutrition for the puppies and the Dam at each stage of the process,
  • getting firsthand experience on how we go about finding each specific puppy a home.
  • if you’re just looking to love a puppy and make some passive income in the mean time this is also a great option for you.

Taking care of your dogs and whelping their litters is a full-time job and selling/promoting litters is a completely different full-time job that takes a completely different skill set. By placing the puppies on our high traffic social media platforms, we drastically lighten your workload. Also, by being an established name, we will be able to sell our co-owned puppies for double what a new breeding program would be able to get for a puppy because of the second-to-none quality of our dogs and household name. We remember our first litters all those years ago. There would be some puppies we would just end up giving away or selling for 1500 dollars because we just didn’t have the outreach yet.

The learning curb for managing a successful breeding program is extremely high. We are never complacent; there is always something that is getting improved.

A general overview how our co-owning breeding program works

  • The first step is expressing your interest with the Co-Owning Program and expressing the direction you would like for your program. That way, we can best assess which one of our breeding’s would complement your program the most.
  • We only ever keep the very best pups from selected litters in our co-owning program. Please keep that in mind.
  • Each litter will have a set co-own price depending on various factors. It can range from 5 to 20K per co-own.
  • Our co-own deals are for 3 litters where we split each litter 50/50 and after 3 litters are successfully completed. We hand over the puppies’ AKC paperwork to you before their 4th and final litter so you can have one litter with your puppy to do exactly what you please.

What are our Breeding co-owning requirements?

  • No Kennels. We don’t allow our dogs to go to any kennels. The whole point of this program is to help each other improve our collective programs and give each puppy a fun family style life.
  • No pools. The reason is obvious. Frenchie’s generally cannot swim.
  • Each co-own comes with a contract, so it is clear what is expected from both parties.
  • Keep in regular contact with us and send regular video and photo updates of the puppy enjoying its life with the family.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in participating in our breeding program, please shoot us a text stating so to arrange a follow up phone call. Talk soon!