Tato’s Napoleon

Blue and Tan Quad (ddBbata Ee kyk)

We call this boy Napoleon the Conqueror, because he has traveled over many Oceans to do just that. We first came across Napoleon while talking to a mutual friend and at the time he resided in China. For us it was love at first sight and we obviously had to have him with us. French Bulldogs take on many forms and at some point it just comes down to preference and for us personally hes is our absolute favorite….. like ever. Napoleon¬† is blue and tan that carries the cream and chocolate gene. With the right complementing female he is capable of producing full suited cream dogs and also other color patterns such as Lilac and Tan. We hope he ends up being immortal because its not certain if there will be another like him.

Sire and Dam

Turbo Diesel X Southern Utahs Belle

We could write an essay about these two French Bulldogs. Turbo Diesel is one of the best productions from a very Famous pedigree and Belle has always been one of those females in a league or her own. Together the produced our favorite French Bulldog ever.