What Makes Us Different

Experience and Reputation

Anyone who adopts a French Bulldog from us will tell you we go above and beyond anyone we have ever met to make sure your experience with your new French Bulldog(s) is nothing short of amazing. French Bulldogs are extremely easy to take care of but it needs to be done in a certain way, a way that we have perfected over the last decade to ensure the best experience possible with your new friend.

Health, structure, temperament and look

Breeding dogs is an art form and breeding French Bulldogs is the more complicated ones of the dog breed. It has one of the most variations out of any standard breed. With all these new colors introduced over the decades it’s been a mission for us and other breeders to perfect the breed again. It’s also not only about ascetics, its also incredibly important to breed out bad temperament and any health issues which are hereditary. Its something we have been very successful at.

Health Testing and Vaccinations

Your new French Bulldog(s) will come fully health tested, with its first set of vaccines and a health certificate by a Florida licensed Veterinarian. We also give you 48 hours from the time you pick up your puppy to bring it to a vet for it to receive a full check up. If anything is wrong with your puppy we offer to fix it or offer you a full refund, no questions asked. In all our years we have never been asked for a dog to be taken back but we offer this to give our clients a little extra re-assurance.

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Socializing our puppies

Giving puppies regular human interaction is pivotal in their social development. That’s why anyone who follows us on social media can tell you we are constantly playing with our puppies around 4-5 hours spread out though the day.

Customer service

We take customer service here at Tato’s Frenchies very seriously. It brings us great joy to see families leave our home with their smiles of excitement. Over the years we have met very few people who truly have the knowledge that we do, a knowledge that only comes with experience on how to take care of your new French Bulldog puppy. There is nothing that we have not seen or learned to take care of. It is very easy to take care of the breed but it needs to be done in a certain way. As all our previous customers will gladly testify, we make sure our French Bulldog(s) are getting the best care when they are with us and when they are with their new families. We always stay in contact with all our clients and keep in touch on a regular basis. They know our home and phone lines are open at any times, If it’s for health advice or general French bulldog questions. We encourage ongoing contact to help you care for your growing pet.

Our French Bulldogs are our Children

Over the years we have let our French Bulldogs slowly taken over our home, they really bring us that much joy having them apart of everyday life. We have become obsessed with each of their individual personalities and their own personal little quirks. As many guests have told us our home is a French Bulldog sanctuary, each with their own beds and personal favorite toys while our back yard has been turned into their play ground.