Tatos Paris Noir (Aurora)

Solid Black Fluffy French Bulldog (DdCOco aa kyky).

Aurora is a 3rd generation Tatos Frenchies production. Her grandmother was part of our program 5-6 years ago and one of the first Fluffy French Bulldogs in the United Stated. Aurora is proof of how far patience and proper breeding practices can get you. She is one of the most structurally sound Fluffy French Bulldogs we have laid eyes on and are exited for her and her puppies future here at TF. As you can notice one of Auroras ears as a little floppier then the other, its a hematoma or you may know it as fighters ear that she got as a puppy from playing rough with her litter mates. It is not a genetic trait, and her babies will be born with 2 perfect ears 🙂

Sire and Dam

Auroras Sir is Shaq and Dam is Tato’s Lady Olenna