Tatos Frenchies Stud Services

Tatos Nas

Stud Fee: 800 at breeding or prior to shipment

Nas is a Blue Sable Quad carrier (ddBbayat Ee Ns). With his DNA you can makes Blues, Blue and tans, Lilac and tans and Lilac Platinum. Tatos Lifeline Nastradamus  is off of Hercules and Ocarina who is one of the corner stones of our program. He is a small pup weighing in at 18lbs, has a super short back and a Monster head. He is a great French Bulldog for anyone looking to add quality and color to their programs.

For more info and pictures on Nas and his parents check out his tab on the main page.

Tatos Max

Price: 1500 at breeding or prior to shipment

Max is a triple carrier Black and Tan Merle (DdBbata) that can help make Solid Merles to Lilac and Tan Merle. In our eyes he is still the most true to type triple carrier Merle produced to date. Weighing in at 22 lbs, with a short back and huge head he will produce you some truly beautiful Merle French Bulldogs as he had done for us.

For more info, pictures of Max and pictures of his parents please check out his Tab on the main page.

Stud Contract and Info

Stud Contract Basic info:

  • 2 healthy puppies is considered a litter. If less then 2 healthy puppies are had a free repeat breeding will be given, just pay collection and shipping.
  • Collection is 150 + Over night Shipping. Shipping is usually around 100-120.
  • If local we will perform the AI’s Free of charge.
  • If we are notified with 7 days into the Dams heat we can get your shipment out any day if we are notified no later then 4pm

If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to shoot us a text. (561)806-4818