Tatos Frenchies Stud Services

Tatos Geppetto

Price: 4000. 
Dna: DdCOco aya Ee. Maskless Fawn Quad

Geppetto is one of our favorite productions, being exactly what we desire to see in our French Bulldogs with his short back with a huge wrinkly head. We have not seen a quad carrier out there quite like him yet. His Mom Genesis comes from a super nice standard show lines and his Dad is our Napoleon.

He is capable of producing every color imaginable with the right females including Lilac and Tans Platinums.

For more info on pedigree and photos visit his tab under “Our Boys” Section.

Rudy 5618064818

Some of Geppettos puppies

Tatos Nu Jedi

Price:3000. There are 4 most spots left at this price
Dna: Red Fawn Pied Male

Jedi is from Avigdor kennels. A very prestigious kennel that has a very strict policy in making sure their dogs only go to kennels that will show them and make them champions. They will not even respond to your messages if they see color dogs in your kennel. As you can see one way or another we figured out how to make him apart of our kennel.

For more info on pedigree and photos visit his tab under “Our Boys” Section.

Rudy 5618064818

Some of Jedis puppies

Tatos Sr Trouble

Stud Fee: 2500 (intro rate) at breeding or prior to shipment.

Sr Trouble is an aa Solid Merle Fluffy carry cocoa and he carry NO brindle (COco aa kyky Mm L4L4).  Tatos Sr Trouble is off our exclusive Aikido bloodline and carry’s all his redeeming traits. Short, compact, 20 lbs, a wide muzzle, ideal rear angulation, wide chest, all traits extremely rare in merle and fluffy French Bulldogs never mind in a Fluffy that is Merle. He is a Great French Bulldog for anyone looking to add quality and color to their programs. The average price for one of Sr Troubles puppies average 30K.

For pedigree and more pictures on Sr Trouble check out his tab on the main page.

Tatos Sr Koopa

Price: 3000 for pups that carry testable at breeding or prior to shipment.

Sr Koopa is a Merle Fawn Fluffy French Bulldog that carrys blue and At (Dd Bb ayat Mm l4l4). Sr Koopa will produce Full Fluffy Merle Isabella and Tan French Bulldogs! The average selling price for a Full Fluffy Isabela and Tan Merle is 150,000+. Koopa can produce this and since we here at Tatos Frenchies do our best to produce puppies second to none you know Koopa will do right by you as he has by us.

For more info on pedigree and photos visit his tab under the Stud Section.

Rudy 5618064818

Some of Sr Koopas Puppies

Stud Contract and Info

Stud Contract Basic info:

  • 2 healthy puppies is considered a litter. If less then 2 healthy puppies are had a free repeat breeding will be given, just pay collection and shipping.
  • Collection is 150 + Over night Shipping. Shipping is usually around 100-120.
  • If local we will perform the AI’s Free of charge.
  • If we are notified with 7 days into the Dams heat we can get your shipment out any day if we are notified no later then 4pm

If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to shoot us a text. (561)806-4818