The 1st step:

Contact us to express your interest and what you’re exactly interested in such as a male, female, color and so on. From there we can guide you to help you choose a puppy from our current litters or a potential puppy from our upcoming litters if we feel it will meet your specifications better.

The 2nd step:

Once you have decided on a French Bulldog puppy we send you our buyer’s contract stating the terms of the sale, our health guarantee, vaccination protocol, Potty training protocol. It is in your interest to have the buyer’s contract notarized, we do not need it in return it is your bill of sales.  Then we also require a $500 deposit to be put on the wait-list for a specific litter. The deposit is refundable and or transferable to another litter if the litter you requested a puppy from doesn’t have a puppy that meet your specification. For example if you want a girl and there are only boys. The remaining balance needs to be paid in full via Cash, wire transfer or Zelle to our Tatos Frenchies LLC bank account at or prior to pick up. We do not accept other forms of payment at this time.

If you are out of state, we have worked with the best flight nanny service for the last 4-5 years and we couldn’t speak more highly of them. They fly with your puppy in cabin, in their lap, and you can pick up your new friend at the specific terminal the flight nanny is arriving at.

The 3rd step :*Weekly Puppy updates!*

Once you have chosen the litter you desire a puppy from you will be notified when the Dams due date is! Then at around 2 weeks after the puppies are born we start picking puppies for families based the wait list order and your desired specification. We update our puppies new families with photos and videos 3 days after they are born, at 3 weeks and at 6 weeks. Sometimes our nursery looses track of time taking care of our current litters that we forget to send you photo updates when they are due so we always strongly encourage everyone to text us as much as they want, when ever they want.

We administer their first set of vaccines at 7 weeks so when puppies are 8 weeks old you will finally be allowed to take them home. Unfortunately we do not allow visitors before then for many reasons. Puppies immune systems are not developed until a much later age so risking visitors bringing out side viruses that can potentially harm our puppies is not worth the risk for us. We have seen first had how guests have introduced the Pavro-virus to our friends kennels and wiped out entire litters.

The 4th step:

A puppy’s new home needs to be prepared properly to ensure optimum puppy health. We recommend:

  • The house is thoroughly cleaned with a bleach product such as Lysol to ensure no harmful bacteria such as mold is anywhere in the house.
  • Vacuuming all furniture to lift any excess dander or dust mites that in some cases make your puppy itchy.
  • Purchasing a crate, no more than 3 times your puppy’s size. This will really help with the initial potty training method we recommend.
  • Metal, not plastic dog bowls. This will teach them their dog bowl also isn’t a chew toy.
  • Royal Canin puppy – is what we feed our puppies. It has all great ingredients and in our experience shows the best results with your developing puppy. Once they are 4 months old we recommend transitioning them to Farmina Lamb and Blueberries ancestral grains. It what we feed all our dogs and love it. 
  • Chlorhexidine- this is a surgical shampoo that you can buy at your local CVS/Walgreens. It is about $17 dollars a bottle and one of our secret weapons. We recommend it to be used whenever your new friend gets a cut or scrape as an infection prevention and if you catch the scrape once its already infected. Apply a little water to the affected area, wash the area with the Chlorhexidine, scrub well, let sit for 5 minutes then rinse off with water.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- at 5ml per 10lbs it can be used as a to induce immediate vomiting if your French bulldog ever tends to eat something he is not supposed to such as a pill, something potentially toxic, toy, string, rope and so on… Hydrogen Peroxide is completely non-toxic to dogs so you can give them 10ml per 10lbs if needed. After they ingest the HP it takes about 10 minutes for them to vomit. If they don’t, repeat the dosage.
  • As mentioned previously our phone lines are always open for any of your questions and like always call us before you decide you need to go to the vet for whatever reason. From experience we can help you solve whatever problem you may THINK you’re experiencing with your new pet, in the end saving you thousands. Trust me, call us first.
  • We have a Tips and Resources section that you can reach though our site. There we have countless helpful articles that will help guide and educate you with your French bulldog.

The final step: Taking your puppies home!!

At eight weeks, you will be invited to take your puppy home. We will assign a time for your pickup so that we can spend some uninterrupted time with you going over things we think you should know and answering any questions you may have.


When you pick up your puppy, we recommend bringing someone with you who can hold the puppy on their lap for the drive home. Your puppy will be unfamiliar in his new surroundings, and without his siblings. Holding the puppy on your lap on an old bath towel will keep your puppy feeling safe and happy. Starting him off in the best possible way to his new life is very important to us.


On the way home, please remember that your puppy is vulnerable because he has not yet completed his vaccines. We ask you take your puppy right home, and to avoid any high traffic areas such as gas stations or dog parks where diseases are abundant. Fun fact: dogs can’t get the same viruses humans get. So if you have a sick human family member in the house your puppy will be fine.

If traveling more than 3 hours with your pet, we suggest stopping at areas where other animals wouldn’t visit frequently.

Items we send you home with

-We hand you a Health Certificate that was completed by a Florida licensed veterinarian stating your dog’s health and your puppy’s current shot records. This paper is very important so please plan on keeping it somewhere safe. When the puppy turns 12 weeks and is ready for their second round of shots this is the paper you give them so they know what shots your puppy already has.

-Some baggies full of the Sport Dog Food in case you have not yet ordered it, for it can only be ordered online.


When you leave our home we give you 48 hours to bring your family member for its first health screen. If anything is found to be wrong, we offer to fix it or give you a full refund. In our history we have never let anything less than a perfectly healthy dog be adopted, but this guarantee provides our customers a little more comfort. We take the health of our puppies very seriously.

When you go to your vet, carry your puppy in and never let it touch the floor. When called into the office place it directly on the table; don’t let it walk across the floor where a sick dog could have been. Until your puppy has had its last set of puppy vaccines at 12 weeks, you need to treat it like it has no immune system and avoid high risk situations such as parks and pet stores.

We also invite all of our puppy owners to our Annual Tatos Frenchie Festival featuring Pootie Tang each year. More info on this will be coming soon.