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“Tato’s Frenchies South Florida French Bulldogs Testimonials”

Harrion Embree

Tato’s Frenchies via Rudy was the best choice my fiancé and I could have ever made when it came to the purchase of our French bulldog. Over the last two years, he has been nothing but healthy, bringing a very loving environment into our home, and no matter where we go people are astounded by the frame of our bully. He is a brindle, with gold eyes, full weight at 23 pounds, and always the life of the party. With this being said, we now live in Los Angeles where we have actual breeders themselves admiring Kai’s frame and asking if he was specifically bred to have a thick rope, flat face, and tail margins. For us, we cannot provide an answer as we do not know what goes into breeding, but for Rudy it says the world about the quality of dogs that he breeds. Now outside of the actual pup that we have today, Rudy made the dog buying process a breeze, offering us payment plans before 8 weeks for pickup, to keeping the puppies together to socialize, and making sure they were fully ready to go on the day of pickup. Taking Kai away from Rudy’s house was bittersweet because we could both tell that Rudy deeply cared for all of his puppies and wanted to make sure they went to a loving home. If we were to purchase another Frenchie, it would definitely be from Tato’s!

Brittany Gaddin

After researching for months and talking to many different breeders, we came across Tatos Frenchies on the AKC website. From the first interaction it was a pleasant experience and when I met my little girl “Harper” I knew she was the one. She is a year and a half and has been perfectly healthy and has the BEST temperament! The support from Tatos before and after taking our girl home has been exceptional.

Jennifer Harris

I cannot express how wonderfully positive our experience was and continues to be with Rudy of Tato’s Frenchies! We were given Rudy’s phone number through a mutual friend who heard we were thinking about adding a new furry member to our family.
That first phone call, Rudy took the time to tell me about his breeding business from pedigrees to whelping, no stone unturned! What went from a simple “hey do you have puppies?” call, went straight to feeling absolutely confident in my decision to meet with him and see these beautiful dogs he was so clearly passionate about.
We met the very next day and I was literally in puppy heaven surrounded by 18 of the most adorable pups I have ever seen! I got to get down on the floor and play with the puppies that were contenders that met my wish list. (This was super therapeutic and I told Rudy he’s got to offer a puppy stress reliever class as a side business!)
After we got to know the pups personality’s we made our choice and began the longest 4 week wait of my life. Haha. During that time Rudy was so awesome sending pictures and videos of our pup and was always available for the 9000 questions I had.
When it can time to pick our Lily up to bring her home, Rudy went over everything from food to vet scheduling.
We’ve now had our pup for 6 months and within that time Rudy and I check in to see how she’s doing and answer any questions that come up. I always check with him first before any vet visits, as he’s seen it all and can usually tell exactly what’s going on.
All in all a five star experience and I cannot say enough how wonderful Rudy is and how passionate he is about his puppies. I would recommend Tatos Frenchie’s hands down!

Monica C.

I found Tato’s Frenchies on instagram. He was very responsive to my questions about his program and the availability of the puppies.  I immediately fell in love with a female fawn and made arrangements to visit.  I decided right away I wanted her and we talked about when she’d be ready.  Payment was not required until I actual came to the home to pick her up.  I received all paperwork, vaccinations, even a little food to start.  I was explained the routine she was on in the home. Even after I brought my fur baby home, Tato’s Frenchies was always available to answer any questions I had. Bottom line is it was a great experience and I def recommend them for anyone looking to add a Frenchie to their family.  Thanks, Tato!

Stacy Shaffer

Want to say thank Rudy from Tatos Frenchies for the new additions to our Frenchy world of Love.. We highly recommend this breeder, who, by all parameters, exceed what is expected from a breeder. He was engaged before the sale, during the purchasing process and after the sale was completed. I have frequently had questions about our pups, and Rudy has answered all with knowledge and enthusiasm. Our veterinarian gave our pups a ‘5 star’ rating. He is a Frenchie owner, and said our puppies are very well bred, from the highest quality stock and he would recommend Tatos to anyone wanting to purchase a mellow, playful, comedic, and bright dog with all the markings and qualities expected from this breed. Our two French Bull Dogs have a different set of parents and both are of the highest quality. I would not hesitate purchasing yet another Frenchie from Rudy. WE LOVE OUR FRENCHIES!!! We found Tatos Frenchies through Instagram. After further investigation we made the purchases. Never disappointed and grateful for this find. You can follow our pups under Stacy Stauffer Instagram. Blue Frenchy Lily and Fawn Frenchy Bleu

Katie Muzak

I had previously owned an English Bulldog for the last decade of my life. After his sadly but inevitable passing i knew i wanted to get into French Bulldogs next. I had initially heard of Tatos Frenchies from a close friend of mine who purchased a nice French from him years prior. I had made an appointment with him to go see his available puppies with my family. When we arrived he was more than inviting welcoming us into his home, he offered us something to drink but i didnt want something to drink i wanted to see some puppies! He first showed us a litter of Fawns that where very nice but it was not exactly what i was looking for at the time. I asked him if he has any blue and tans available and ill never forget he kinda rolled his eyes  with a grin, went back into the house and came out with the most beautiful dog i have had ever seen in my life. The first thing i remember saying to Rudy was “ya, i want him”.   What can i say, I cant thank him enough because of him i have one a new best friend that goes absolutely everywhere with me and my family. Where ever he goes people stop and gaze at Thor with eyes of wonder. All i can ever say in return is YEP THATS MY BOY!