Tato’s Rainbow

Lilac and Tan carry Cream (ddbbatat Ee)

You are looking at one of our very own. Rainbow, Aka Rain, was produced right her at Tatos Frenchies. She is one of the first true to type lilac and tan carry cream micro French Bulldogs ever produced, at 8 months she only weighs 12 lbs.  We named her Rainbow because with the right male she is capable of producing every color Frenchie there is.

Sire and Dam

Ocarina X Hercules

Ocarina is one of our precious little girls that we have here at Tatos Frenchies. Hercules is lilac and tan carry cream that hails from the west cost. We where very impressed with his productions prior to our litter so we gave him a try and we are happy we did. He is also sire to our amazing little boy Nas.