Our Contract and Health Guarantee

We offer a one year full health guarantee here at Tatos Frenchies. Our guarantee is a couple pages long making sure we cover everything in order to fully protect you and us. We understand buying a French Bulldog is an investment, and we here at Tatos Frenchies want our customers to feel fully protected and fully taken care of.

The contract is sent to the buyer once terms are met. It is meant to be read, fully understood, signed, notarized (your local bank will do it for free) then returned back to us.

Below is a quick summary what the contact protects against.

– Life threating heart defects (heart murmurs must be a grade 4 or higher). Extremely common in French bulldogs, especially as puppies
​- Neurological disorders.
​- Liver shunts.
– Luxating patellas (must be at least a grade 4 to warrant a replacement).
– Severe hip dysplasia (must be confirmed by xray and be graded severe and requiring euthanasia or surgery. Mild/moderate dysplasia is not covered as it is impossible to determine if it is congenital or environmental. Environmental means through repeated trauma to the undeveloped joints through rough play, too much exercise, jumping on and off of furniture and decks, etc.).

All puppies are given to their new owners with first round of vaccinations and a Florida licensed veterinary official health certificate. You also have  48 hours to bring the newest member of your family for a full vet health check up and if anything is found wrong with the puppy we refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

In all our years we have never had to refund a puppy due to health issues but we feel given you this little extra reassurance will give you an extra level of comfort.