Tatos Sr Koopa

Fawn Merle Fluffy carrying blue, At and Testable chocolate

Sr Koopa was produced right here at the Tatos Frenchies Camp, he is a very special boy who’s starting to pave his own way helping the evolution of the French Bulldog breed. Not only is he a handsome boy he’s a full Fluffy Merle and can produce some innovative and spectacular new variations of French Bulldog including Full Isabella Fluffy Merle and Tans! At this point in the French Bulldog evolution, a Full Fluffy Merle Isabella and Tan has yet to be produced in the world. Sr Koopa with his classic French Bulldog attributes will be one of the first to produce a one of these puppies.

Sr Koopa is available for Stud, for more information visit our TF Stud service page.

Sr Koopa’s Sire and Dam