Tato’s Max

Merle and Tan (DdBbata kyky)

Max is one of the closest true to types Merle French Bulldogs produced to date.  This boy is super compact and has one of the biggest heads we have seen on a Frenchie.  Max carries blue, chocolate, At, A and the Merle gene. With his color genetics coupled with his near perfect structure,  we are super exited  and look forward to producing some beautiful Merle Puppies. It has always been our highest goal to bring French Bulldog lovers the best of the breed to enjoy in their homes and Max is helping us do just that.

Sire and Dam

Grizzly Bear X Tina

When implanting colors to French Bulldogs it can be a tricky task. Merles are still quite new in their evolution but Tina is a Merle and Tan that is hands down one of the nicest we have come across.  Grizzly Bear has always been a stud that everyone has been a fan of. He is a chocolate and tan carry blue.